Air freight

Wherever the world is the final destination too: with Merzario the shipping of your air cargo goes smoothly.

"Merzario: We Think Before We Move!”

Problem-free shipment of your air cargo

Your goods must be taken from one place to another quickly. That is why you choose to ship them by air. You are looking for a reliable forwarding agent who has the knowledge and who will make all the arrangements for you. Our aviation specialists are at home in the world of airline companies, airports and processing in situ regardless of where the final destination may be. We will ensure that shipment is problem-free with regard to your air cargo behind the scenes.

We think before we move 

Communication is essential, digital and personal. It is this combination, in particular, that distinguishes us from many other forwarding agents. We believe that air cargo shipping is more than just determining the rate. We will start a dialogue with you. What are your requirements and conditions and how can we get your goods quickly to their destination? Merzario: We think before we move!

High-quality service

Import, export, cross trade or special cargo: we offer you convenience with regard to the entire logistics process. We compare the rates and schedules of airline companies, book the space and arrange the shipment and receipt. We can also arrange the clearing inwards, delivery and administrative settlement for you. Merzario has its own customs department for this. We work with modern digital systems. You can stay informed about the shipment process through your own account on our portal (track and trace). If special circumstances apply, we will, of course, contact you. All documentation and the administrative settlement are also available digitally on our portal.