Implement in CHINA - USCC (Uniform Social Credit Code)

8 May 2018

The following data must be provided to Carrier when submitting your shipping instruction for CCAM filing as required by Chinese Customs:

 1. Uniform Social Credit Code (USCC) of the Consignee   USCC is similar to “Tax (payer) Identification Number” (TIN No.). Each USCC contains 18 digits or letters in total. In case of “to order B/L”, please advise tax ID number of first Notify Party.  

 2. Enterprise Code of the Shipper is Shipper’s tax identification number; for example: European VAT number etc.    

Both data shall be provided by Shipper when submitting Shipping Instruction before the CCAM documentation cut off time mentioned on your Booking confirmation.   


Should these details not be provided, your consignment may be at risk of being held by the Chinese Authorities.  

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