Ocean freight

Because we can offer all our logistics services under one roof, we provide you with all the convenience in the shipping process.

“Merzario: We Think Before We Move!”

Good shipment leads to profits

Your goods must be shipped by sea from A to B; from Asia to the Netherlands or from the Netherlands somewhere else in the world. Or you want to ship goods cross borders when only the processing takes place in the Netherlands. You are looking for a reliable forwarding agent who has the knowledge and who will make all the arrangements for you.

We think before we move

Shipping costs money and good shipping leads to profits. That is what we believe. We look at more than just the rate and shipping containers. We consider which options are interesting, what your requirements and conditions are and in which way we can ship and deliver your goods as efficiently as possible. We will start a dialogue about this with you. We, naturally, do this based on transparent agreements without hidden costs.

High-quality service

Import, export, cross trade and project cargo: we mainly offer you convenience in the entire logistics process. From bookings at shipping companies, ensuring that your goods are at the quayside at the right moment, the sea shipment itself up to and including reception, customs clearance, delivery and administrative processing. We use modern digital technologies within this context.

You can stay informed through your own account on our portal (track and trace). If special circumstances apply, we will contact you. A few days before the planned arrival date you will be notified by us about when the shipment can be delivered or when you can pick it up.