UK container road haulage issues

10 Oct 2018

The UK container haulage market is facing a backlog due to lack of trucks, drivers, train space and increasing cargo volumes.

Vessels are skipping ports, and carriers are changing routings. The punctuality of all UK export collections and import deliveries has been impacted by these issues and this is likely to continue as many are ongoing or long term instead of seasonal.

Please be advised that as a result of these ongoing industry problems, that the carriers are revising transport policy’s in relation to road haulage of all export loadings and import deliveries and require a delivery window of up to 90 minutes to allow for these delays.

If deliveries are not accepted within this time period they will charge wasted journey charges. They advise that they will not be held accountable for any costs incurred resulting in late collections or deliveries.

Carriers require anywhere up to 2 weeks’ notice  for Export collections and at least 10 days for import deliveries

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